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Domaine Bruno Clair - Marsannay Rosé - 2017

Domaine Bruno Clair - Marsannay Rosé - 2017


Bruno Clair’s rosé pays homage to the family’s history as it was his grandfather (upon returning from the war in 1919) who decided to try vinifying his Pinot Noir grapes into rosé wine for the first time in the Marsannay area. The success of this original wine was such that it became a specialty of the commune and acquired a certain amount of fame, which spread across France. The delicate, soft, and fruit-forward result eventually became all the rage in Dijon cafés. The Rosé wines from Marsannay gained AOC status in 1987.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Region Burgundy
Country France
Alcohol N/A
ibu N/A
Size 750mL
Style Rose