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Jelu Estate - Malbec (750ml)

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Jelu Estate - Malbec (750ml)


The Santa Sylvia vineyard has been recognized as a potentially world class site for wines. The Jelu project has been created to promote the uniqueness terroir of the Zonda Valley. Estate bottled by Bodegas Borbore. Founded in 2002 by Duncan Killiner, a winemaker from New Zealand, and Rosaura Etcheverry, of the family-owned winery Castillo y Viejo in Uruguay, Jelu Estate is located in Mendoza. In the s, Duncan consulted at a number of wineries around the world. Over the course of ten years, he worked over 80 harvests, traveling from Brazil to Mexico, Italy, and Germany, eventually settling in Uruguay where he met his wife Rosaura. In 2003 Duncan was offered a position in Mendoza, where after six months he came to realize the potential its terroir. And while 60-65% of the wine made in Chile is consumed locally, the couple soon realized the potential of the nation's export market. Establishing Jelu to promote the area's terroir, the couple sources organically grown grapes from the Zonda Valley in San Juan, and Patagonia. Jelu comes from thje Huarpe Indian language meaning sun. The grapes come from the Zonda Valley in the province of San Juan. The vineyards are located at 2,953 feet above sea level and are planted on an old river bed. Only the best greapes are handpicked, classic cool fermenation followed.
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Additional Information

Region N/A
Country Argentina
Alcohol N/A
ibu N/A
Size 750mL
Style Red