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Usquaebach - Old Rare (750ml)

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Usquaebach - Old Rare (750ml)


Usqueabach(pronounced Oos:Ke:Bah) is the ancient name derived from the Scotish Gaelic Uisge Beatha or 'The water of life'. . . we now know it as whisky. 41 different single malts used, the oldest is 20 years Producer information Usquaebach (pronounced whisk-ay-bay) Original has gone through several incarnations since it was first created in 1768. From 1768 to 1842 it was a single malt. Between 1842 and 1904 it became a vatted Scotch whisky (a blend of single malts, often from different years from the same distiller, but never any grain whisky). Then, in 1904, it became a ‘malt-rich’ blend, where 85% of the blend was malt whisky and 15% was grain whisky. An American company, 12 Stone Flagons bought the distillery in 1973. Starting in the 1980s they began to release a line of aged Highland Single Malt whiskies to broaden their product base. Though it may be a ‘changeling’, the Original is still and always has been, the company’s flagship. The Usquaebach Old-Rare Superior Blend is comprised of 41 exceptional Single Malt Scotch whiskies and 2 of the Highland’s finest Grain whiskies. The ‘Old-Rare’ Blend uses more malt in its blend than most premium blended whiskies produced anywhere in the world. The availability of the Usquaebach Rare-Old are limited by the rarity and expense of the whiskies used in the blend. This superior blend offers multi-layered opulence on the pallet, concentrated flavors of pepper, coffee, and sherry daz- zle the taste buds. The sublime mid-palate and long, heav- enly aftertaste are remarkably balanced, supple and graceful
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Additional Information

Region N/A
Country Scotland
Alcohol N/A
ibu N/A
Size 750mL
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