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Answers to Common Questions

Can I use a Purchase Order (PO) to buy on your site?
Yes, you can buy on Ultra by providing an authorized PO. To get started, please send us the documentation related to adding us in your company's vendor list or accounts payable process. Once added to the vendor list, you can enter PO number during checkout as form of payment.

Our building requires a certificate of insurance (COI). Can you provide one?
Yes, we provide COI for all commercial / residential deliveries as required. Email us the insurance requirements obtained from the building's facilities department. We will send you the completed COI within 1 business day.

How many drinks do I need?
This is one of the most common questions we get from people organizing an event or party. The simple answer is, it depends. How many bottles of alcohol to buy depends on various factors related to your needs. By answering following questions, you will get the answer to this question: 1. How many people will attend?
2. How long will the party last?
3. What is the occasion?
4. What is the ratio of people drinking alcohol vs. not drinking alcohol?
5. What is the budget?

Does you deliver and pick up the empty keg?
We deliver for free in New York City within 2 hours for popular brands, 48 hours for everything else. Date & time of drop-off can be added on the checkout page. We pick up empty kegs purchased through us for free. Suitable date for pickup should be communicated to us anytime by emailing or calling us, providing us a reference number associated with the order. We request that keg & tub are emptied out before the time of pickup to expediate the process.

I need to get CO2 tanks refilled for our kegerators. What are my options?
We refill CO2 tanks for customers and deliver them with any beer purchase. Standard tank sizes are 5 lbs and 20 lbs. 5 lbs tank will last for 5-7 full-size / 14-18 sixtel kegs.